Street Sign Art From Paris to Japan By Clet Abraham

You may find yourself walking around cities such as Paris, Rome, Japan and a number of others, chuckling at street signs which have been altered in an amusing or artistic manner. It is more than likely that what you are looking at is a piece of art created by street artist Clet Abraham.

At the risk of being caught and penalized by authorities, Clet goes to great lengths to pursue his artistic passions by attaching adhesive stickers to street signs all over the globe. These street signs can depict light hearted comical transformations or a more serious transformation with a hidden meaning.

47 year old Clet Abraham is originally from France, has lived in Italy for the last 25 years, and currently lives with his partner Mami Urakawa in Florence, Italy. Although most commonly known for his street art stickers Clet has created numerous other profitable works such as “The Common Man” located on Ponte alla Grazie bridge in Florence.

clet abraham steet sign stickers

As reported on Clet’s Facebook Page, in the past he has received a fine of 400euro. As the Japan times reports, his partner in crime and life, Mami Urakawa, was recently arrested on suspicion of vandalism.

Local authorities all argue that it’s an act of vandalism, and that Clet’s artwork is no different to a graffiti artist skulking around at night and vandalising public property. Personal I enjoy spotting another piece of street sign art and think it is a really creative way to have people talk about you as an artist.

street signs paris, rome, japan
steet sign changed Photo Author | LivornoDP — Photo Author | Patian

The popularity that this artist has achieved from his method of artistry can be quantified by his Facebook page, which is followed by almost 7000 people, or by simply typing his name into Google images where you will find hundreds of designs posted from multiple sources.

clet abraham art signs
Photo Author | Patian — Photo Author | LivornoDP



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