Love Lock Bridge Paris Is No More


UPDATE: Between the 1st and 8th of June 2015, the Pont des Arts Bridge will officially be closed while the love locks are removed. During this time they will be installing temporary artwork on the panels of local artist and eventually they will be permanently be replaced with glass panels.

This will not stop the people from padlocking bridges in Paris. Once the Pont des Arts Bridge became too full, people simply found another one. At the moment there are probably 4 or 5 bridges on the Seine which are covered in padlocks.

Four years ago I was forced to be apart from my soon to be wife Megan for a little over ten months due to visa restraints. It was then I learned about the love lock bridge in Paris and thought it might be a nice sentiment of our love to attach a padlock with our names engraved on it to the Pont des Arts Bridge.

love lock briddge paris

At the time I thought it was a romantic thing to do and that our lock would be in place for many years to come. Don’t get me wrong it was a really nice thing to do with Megan however little did I know just how short a period our lock would last.

For those who have not heard of the love lock bridge in Paris, it became a trend for lovers to write their names on a padlock, attach it to the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris and throw the key into the Seine River while making a wish.

pont des arts lock bridge

The phenomenon caught on all round the world and locks started appearing from New York to Tokyo. I have even seen it start appearing in my home town of the Gold Coast when we walk around the cliff top of Snapper Rocks and Rainbow Bay.

A few days ago Megan and I thought it would be a great idea to visit the love lock bridge again and take a picture of what our pad lock looks like three years later. To our disappointment our lock was nowhere to be found due to either the entire panel where it was located had collapsed or it was simply covered by sheets of ply wood assembled to prevent more locks being place on the bridge.

Authorities are attempting to stop the Phenomenon from occurring however are struggling to find a solution. As the board up the Pont des Arts bridge couples are finding new bridges, fences and anything they can attach a padlock to. I guess you could say that love will find a way along with a number of other cheesy one liner’s.

There is two ways to look at removal of the locks from the love lock bridge. Many French citizens and government departments are desperately trying to find a solution to save the historical bridge which Pont des Arts Bride. However lovers from all over the globe are arriving to the attraction disappointed that they can no longer be a part of the symbolic love lock bridge.

megan padlock pridge paris

Megan and I can take comfort in the fact that we were able enjoy the moment while the bridge phenomenon was in its early stages. Paris is full of romantic opportunities and two alternatives to the lock bridge may be a nice Paris picnic spot or the I Love You wall in Montmartre.

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I am an australian citizen but consider my self as a local when it comes to knowing about paris. I have lived there with my wife for a few years and quite simply fell in love with the city, culture and the people. I would like to try and help others to see what i saw without incuring any of the hard lessons i had to when i first arrived.


  1. If only you were here when the Pont des Arts was a favourite spot for an evening picnic with friends, when you could sit on the wooden planks and still have a wonderful view of the river and feel the evening sun on your face through the fencing. The love locks destroyed that view and damaged the bridge and ruined the enjoyment of that wonderful bridge for the people that really count – the people who live in Paris. This is not Disney Land, this a living breathing city with people who love it and whose rights to enjoying the city and it’s treasures should come before those of tourists who spend 5 minutes on the bridge, deface it with a hunk of cheap brass, take a selfie, and move on. The tourist experience of Paris lacked nothing before the scourge of lovelocks. It was the same city of light and love that is now. More so, many would argue, it had a beautiful romantic bridge you could picnic on.

    Welcome to Paris, mate. I dearly hope that one day you’ll get to enjoy a summer evening on the pont des arts with friends and baguettes and cheese and a few bottles of wine, and enjoy the wonderful view and the sun on your face, rather than sitting in the shade of a few thousands lumps of cold metal left there by people who swiftly move on to the nearest café with wifi to share the selfie.

    And for all those who don’t agree with me, dont worry, your contribution to the bridge lives on in the tons of keys thrown over the bridge that will slowly leach a cocktail of metal ions into the river for decades to come. Ah, yes, love everlasting!

    • Hey Kevin

      My point exactly, there are two sides to the story and at the moment both sides have lost. at the time when we put our lock on the bridge there was hardly any locks on the bridge and at no time did we think it would all come crashing down.

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