The Best Formula 1 Hotel Paris Review

Not only are we going to cover which are the best F1 hotels in Paris but we will also be looking at a few other HotelF1 chains just outside of Paris which might interest you more.

How many Formula 1 hotels in Paris?
There are upwards of 9 different formula 1 hotels in and around Paris however if you are wanting to be as close as possible to the action or the sightseeing then there is probably only 3 or 4 that you would consider staying at.

The hotels that will be mentioned below are all scattered around the Peripherique of Paris. The Peripherique is a highway which circles all the way around Paris and socially almost acts like a border. What I mean by this is that typically if you are living near the Peripherique then you can almost guarantee that the rate of poverty and crime are increased. So although it is cheap to stay they are not in very good areas.

HotelF1 Paris Porte de Montreuil
290-302, Rue Etienne Marcel
ZAC Eugène Barlain
HotelF1 Paris Porte de Montmartre
29, Rue du Docteur Babinski
75018 PARIS
HotelF1 Paris Porte de Chatillon
23, Ave de la Porte de Châtillon
75014 PARIS
With this said these are the closest formula 1 hotels to the centre of Paris. There used to be 2 others smack bang in the middle of Paris but for some reason or another they have changed ownership and are no longer F1 hotels.

Formula 1 hotel

Airport and Versailles F1 Hotels
I have found 4 other hotels just outside of Paris which may interest you. One of them is close to CGD Airport, two of them are close to Orly Airport and the other is close to the Palace De Versailles.

HotelF1 Roissy Aéroport CDG PN 2
335, rue de la Belle Etoile
ZAC Paris Nord 295974
HotelF1 Villeneuve le Roi Orly
Rue des Carrières Morillon


HotelF1 Rungis Orly
7 rue du Pont des Halles
HotelF1 Plaisir Versailles
36 Rue Pierre Curie
78370 Plaisir


Throughout these individual formula 1 hotels listed above are a number of different amenities. However they all have three things in common. The first one is that they are all pet friendly. I find this quite unusual because it’s really hard to find anything pet friendly in Australia.

The second similarity is that they all have wheel chair access. I find this also quite unusual because after living in Paris for a few years you will notice an extreme lack of wheel chair access in the city.
The last similarity is that they all have WIFI available. Don’t miss understand me when I say they have WIFI. In most cases you will have to pay to access their WIFI so possibly a Starbucks or McDonalds might be a better option.

Why Are F1 Hotels So Cheap In Paris
The first and largest reason for how cheap they are is the location. There are no F1 hotels near the centre or even inside the peripherique of Paris. They are all located on the perimeter or some are even further out than this. With this said they are all surrounded by metro stations and Shopping centres.
Another reason for the price is because it is truly budget accommodation. As much as they are clean, fresh and well painted some of them don’t have TV’s and in most cases they do not have internal bathrooms. So if you need to go to the toilet or a shower you will have to go down the hall to the shared service.

Time From F1 hotels to Centre of Paris

In order to help you decide which hotel would be the best to stay in for travel time and convenience purposes I have researched the times it takes to get from hotel to the Louvre Rivoli metro station in the centre of Paris. If you want to do the calculations yourself check out the Public Transport Calculator at the RATP Website. (Paris Transport Calculator)

Paris Porte de Chatillon Time to Centre of Paris
The Journey from Porte d’ Orleans to Louvre Rivoli is approximately 25 minute trip in total. Its approximately 5 minute walk to train station 15 minute metro to metro Chattlet and then a 5 minute walk again to Louvre Rivoli.


Other pros and cons: some other reason why you may or may not choose this F1 hotel is that it backs onto nice Parisian cemetery. Maybe I’m weird bit I love the cemeteries in Paris with all the large tombs and history. In my opinion it is also in the nicest area of the three hotels and is only a tram ride away from some very nice parks. It is also closer to the Latin Quarter than Port De Montmartre however on the flip side it is much further away from Montmartre. So it all depends on what you want to see more.

A large bonus for this hotel is that its only 3 tram stops away from Cite Universitaire RER station which goes to Charles De Gaul Airport and also goes to Airport Orly.

Porte de Montmartre Time to Centre of Paris
This trip is 26 minutes in total. Walk to metro Port De Saint Ouen and catch line thirteen to Saint Lazar to then walk from there to Chattlet. Then just another short walk to Louvre Rivoli.

Other pros and cons: It is nice and close to Montmartre which has amazing restarants, the Moulin Rouge, Sacre Coeur and a great artists area where you can have a portrait painted. On the negative side of things it is a lot further away from the Latin Quarter and a little further away to the get to the Notre Dame. Also it is in the same building as large Paris supermarket chain Monoprix.

Porte de Montreuil Time to Centre of Paris
This trip is 22 minutes in total. Catch a tram from Porte de Montreuil to port de Vincennes then catch line one from metro Porte de Vincennes direct to Louvre Rivoli.

Other pros and cons: This is probably my least favourite out of the three F1 hotels in Paris. I know this is not a great area and I would not want my wife walking late at night in this neighbourhood. Another slight negative about this hotel is that it’s probably the furthest away from a metro station of the three hotels. However it is only about a 10 minute walk. Also it may be worth mentioning that Local bus 351 goes direct to CDG airport from here.

What Is The Best Formula 1 Hotel In Paris?
For sightseeing and holiday purposes I would have to say that the F1 in Porte de Chatillon is my choice. Yes it might be a bit further away from Montmartre but if you’re going to go up there you need a full day to truly enjoy it anyway. When I was there I loved the ease of the tram system even though it only runs around the outside of Paris it can be quite handy. All of the train seam to take close to around the same time as each other and this route would be the easiest however not the quickest.

As for the four HotelF1 that are way outside Paris well this is simply a location choice. If you want to be close to Orly, CDG or Versailles then you don’t have much of an option. It’s either this or pay extra money for a more upmarket hotel.

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