The Best Paris Shuttle Service Reviews

We will attempt to find out which one is really the best Paris shuttle service by simply looking at the data available. Along the way I will also give you a few helpful tips which will help you before booking a shuttle service in Paris.

NOTE: Skip to the end to find out who won the best shuttle service in Paris.

What I have done is chosen twelve of the most popularly used Paris shuttle bus or van services. I then asked them a list of question in order to really compare the data and put it all in one place. I wanted to look at operation hours, customer service response, price and flexibility. Unfortunately this case study can’t take into account personal experience as I have not traveled with all of these services. However I would love to hear from you if you have!

Travelers in Paris are usually looking for one of four shuttle options which are Charlles De Gaulle airport, Orly airport, Beauvais airport or Euro Disneyland. However I have based the review more about CGD and Orly as this will give a general overview of weather the service is worth using.

The Question I asked are written below. I will be making my decision as to which service i would use depending on the answers i receive. please check the end of the post to see who is our choice.

1. What form of payments do you take and do you take American express?
2. What is the Earliest you can get me from Montmartre to CGD?
3. What is the Earliest you can get me from Montmartre to Orly?
4. How often are you at these airports?
5. How many people can you fit?
6. How much from Montmartre to CGD Airport?
7. How much from Montmartre to Orly Airport?

Shuttle Services I Contacted


Company Replies
Out of the 14 Paris shuttle services that i contacted i herd back from 9 of them. two of these seam to be affiliates or referral companies and 1 of them is a company which i did not contact whoever was refered to by one of the above URL’s.

Lest Sort Threw The Good And Bad Apples

Super Star Travel (

1. You can either pay online with credit card (including Amex) after filling in the form or you can pay directly to the driver with cash or credit card (including Amex)
2. We do transfers 24/7
3. We do transfers 24/7
4. We do transfers to both airports everyday
5. Up to 8 passengers per vehicles
6. It depends on how many passengers from 55€ for 1 to 3 passengers to 90€ for 8 passengers
7. It depends on how many passengers from 55€ for 1 to 3 passengers to 90€ for 8 passengers

Service Options – Private shuttle only, no share option
Email Response Time – I received an email reply within about 30 minutes
Helpfulness – I dont know why many of the other could not just simply reply like this. short and to the point. Great reply in my opinion!
Operation Hours – Perfect!
Price – Good for a private transfer service

My Thoughts: I should point out that these guys are a private transfer service only and it would really only be worth using if you have 2 or more people to transport as its only $60 via taxi to most places in paris from CGD. However if you want a private service these guys sound great. they tick all the boxes except for a shared shuttle option.


Say Shuttle Service (

1. The client can pay by cash or by Credit card ( VISA or MASTERCARD)
2. We operate 7h/7 and 24h/24.
3. We operate 7h/7 and 24h/24
4. Every day!
5. We use 8-seater minivans. So 1 to 8 people can fit.
6. We only do private services. From Paris (including Montmartre) to CDG, the qu0te is 69 EUR per way up to 8 people aboard.
7. From Paris (including Montmartre) to ORLY, the quote is 69 EUR per way up to 8 people aboard.
8. From Paris (including Montmartre) to ORLY, the quote is 69 EUR per way up to 8 people aboard.

Please Note Adjusted Prices:
For 1 to 3 people, it is 59 euros
4 to 6 : 69e
7 people : 79e
8 people : 89e

Service Options – Private shuttle only, no share option
Email Response Time – I got an email within 24 hours
Helpfulness – Straight short and to the point reply. cant get more helpful than that
Operation Hours – all day every day!
Price – On the high side for a private transfer service if you only have 1-3 people however very cheap if you have more than 4 people

My Thoughts: I would use these guys if you are traveling with 4 or more people. if you only have 1-3 people then there are cheaper options which also have all the bells and whistles included.

Paris Shuttle Low Cost (
Hi There

you can pay with credit card and our service can also do 24/24 hours transfer to the train station and 7 people from paris orly to be euro; 80

My Thoughts – So this was an interesting Reply! I am not going to waist my time rating this one as i was hardly given a quality reply and when i made some follow up questions i simply had my emails bounce back to me. I also had to clean up this message you see in the yellow box above. prior to looking like what you see there was a jumbled up mess of html which i was sent via email.

NOTE: Dont let the name “Paris Shuttle Low Cost” fool you. these guys are far from cheap. I looked at their shared shuttle prices and they were the same cost as a taxi and very close to a private shuttle.

Super Shuttle Paris (

Dear customer,
Thanks to your kind interest,
For your request,

1.We take a banking prepayment and, certainly, the American express too.
2-3. We take the transfer to any hour, compared to the demand of our customers and their needs.
4. We are at these airports 24h/24h and 7/7
5. A van can take up to 8 people
6. Montmartre to CDG : – private 99 € per van (8 people maximum)
– shared 27€ per pax
7. Montmartre to ORLY : – private 99€ (8 people maximum)
– shared 25€ per pax
8. Montmartre to Beauvais: – private 165€ per van (8 people maximum)
– shared 35€ per pax
9. Montmartre to Disneyland : – private 99€ per van ( only private van)

If you are interest of one of these, I invite you to see the website or call the reservation center 08 117 07 812
I hope to see you among the clients Supershuttle!!
Have a Great Day!!

Service Options – Shared and Private
Email Response Time – Great email response. Ticked all the boxes and replyed within 24h
Helpfulness – Very helpful and professional only had to email these guys once.
Operation Hours – 24/7
Price – Private and shared transport are on the high side when compared to others.

My Thoughts:  It was very refreshing to recieve such a warm and professional respones to my letter and if this was based just on that aspect i would choose them however they are on the higher price side of thing so i would probaly not choose them.

Grey Shuttle Service (

– Our rate for a private minivan to Roissy CDG or Orly Airport from Paris hotel is depending of the number of people in your party.
– All charge and tax included except gratuity directly to the driver. (Including specific seats for children and baby if requested)
– If you agree i will send you our reservation form.

We need your flight numbers in order to check availability with our planning. Can you tell us with which KEY WORDS you find us on Internet ?

Service Options – private only
Email Response Time – Fast email response in 24h
Helpfulness – not that helpful and not very informative
Operation Hours – anytime
Price – 69E for up to 4 people and 99E for 8 people (Average Prices)

My Thoughts: The Prices are fairly standard for private however there are cheaper options that also have the same amount of boxes ticked.

Paris shuttle Service (

-We accept master card and visa
-We work all day
Me: You did not answer my questions?
It depends how many persons are you
Me: Could be anywhere from 1-8 people I’m still planning the trip and getting numbers.
No Reply

Service Options – Shared but no Orly airport listed on site. Private shuttles only run to and from Disneyland.
Email Response Time – within 24h
Helpfulness – Not helpful at all and very unprofessional
Operation Hours –Limited
Price – These guys are the cheapest so far 23E one Person on a shared bus to CGD

My Thoughts:

I would only choose these guys if i was really strapped for cash. they have limited serices, poor customer service, and honestly there website looks like a 5 year onld build it. however this is the cheapest paris airport shuttle.

Paris Shuttle ( or Yellow Van Shutle (

1. We accept American Express; if you book a private one you have to pay in advance by credit card on our website. For a shared one you can also pay cash to the driver.
2/3. There are shuttles starting from 04.00 am for Charles de Gaulle and Orly
4. We have shuttles at the airport everyday holidays included
5. We can fit up to 8 people in one van
6/7. the price depends on the number of people and the type of transfer: shared or private
ME: Can you please give me both shared and private prices?
-No Reply

Note: The reason i have bundled these two together is that they are eaither the same company and opperating under two websites or they

Service Options – Shared and Private
Email Response Time – 48h to get back to me
Helpfulness – fairly helpful and professional
Operation Hours – shuttles start fairly early at 4am
Price – 38E Shared and 83E for 1-4 persons private

My Thoughts:

customer service was fairly quick to reply, the prices are fairly competitive however it make me wonder if these guys are an affiliate in some way or which site is actually running the show. not a bad choice for 2 people shared but 1 person shared you can definitely get cheaper.

Blue Van Shuttle Paris (

1. We accept payment by credit card or transfer before the service (but no american express).
2.& 3. We don’t have time. The driver will pick you up at the time that you want but you have to book in advance.
4. Our drivers go everyday in these airports. They are in the airport when we have a booking in these places.
5. There is not a maximum of people. You can make a booking for a group if you want.
6.& 7. The rate depend of the number of people and if you want a private or a shared shuttle.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.
Best regards

Service Options – Private and shared
Email Response Time – Within a few hours
Helpfulness – Answered the questions fairly well but gave no idea as to how much the fares were.
Operation Hours – 24/7
Price – 26E shared and private is 55E for 1-2 people plus 73E for 3-4

My Thoughts: Wow! I am wraped with these guys shared shuttle prices.. however you need to check the hours of thich you are arriving. if you leave or arrive between certain times then it is more expensive. Private shuttles are just about on par with other services. it all depends on how many you are traveling with to get a good price on private. for instance it is no more than 60E for a taxi to CGD which can fit 3 people. so i would not use these guys if i had 3 people on a private car.

Paris Airport Transfer ( or Paris VIP Limo (

1. If you book online you can pay by credit card we accept all credits cards. (Visa, mastercard, American express). Our website is secure, we do not save information’s about your credit card. Or you can pay the same day cash to the driver.

2-3. If you take a shuttle service like you share a 8 seaters with other passengers pick time will be 3 hours before your flight. However if you take a private express service or private service you can choose your pick up time.

4. You must book before a car, because we are always full and can not provide a few hours a car before your flight or address. We do transfers to many airports (Beauvais, Charles de gaulle airport and Orly).

5. We do not have a number of passengers, because we have a large fleet of cars and if you are 15, 20,30,50 passengers we can provide you a bus.

6. Shared Service : 39€ for 2 passengers/way/including luggages, fees and tip. You will share the car (a 8 seater minivan) with other passengers. Reservation needed
• Private express : 59€ for 1 to 3 passengers/ by way/including luggages, fees and tip. Driver will meet you at the meeting point indicated by phone. Reservation needed
• Private (Meet and greet) 69€ for 1 to 3 persons/by way/including luggage’s, fees and tip to the driver. Driver will meet you at the exit of the luggage’s area. Reservation needed

7. how much from Montmartre to Orly? You can consult our prices in our website.

Note: This is another funny one. when i messaged “Paris Airport Transfers” i constantly kept getting a message back from “Paris VIP Limo”. Im not sure but i dont think these guys are the same company from the different responses i got. i think that Paris Airport Transfers is a shuttle customer referral company and you get sent to “Paris VIP Limo”, however i could be proven wrong.

Service Options – Shared or Private
Email Response Time – within a few hours
Helpfulness – very helpful however i had to message a few times to figure out who they were
Operation Hours –When ever your flight is scheduled
Price – Shared Prices are not that cheap however Private prices are fairly good if you have 3 people.

My Thoughts:

These guys seem fairly professional from their emails. i would probably only consider using these guys if i had 3 people for a private tour. I am still unsure as to weather they are a referral company or if they are own both websites. the reason i think this is because on site is really professional and the VIP site is not. plus they have not contact form on the VIP site.

No Reply!
Unfortunately after trying to contact these shuttle companies i had no reply after 2 week. i messaged them all three times however received nothing.

Paris Airport Shuttle (
1 Shuttle (
Paris Airport Shuttle France (
First Shuttle (
Paris Shuttle (

I am not in a position to comment on these 5 services however i think that if a professional business cant reply to 3 attempts of contact over 2 weeks then they dont deserve customers.


Best Shuttle Service Winners

The best Paris Shuttle Services Are...
Best Shared Shuttle Service – Blue Van Shuttles (
This is because of there customer service, helpfulness, opening hours and rock bottom prices at only 26Euro for 1 person and 2 persons 38Euro. (travel time may fluctuate prices) The only bad thing is they dont take American express but still above the competition with this downfall.

Best Private Shuttle Service 1-3 Persons – Super Star Travel (
Once again these guys messaged back quick, have good prices in the 1-3 person price range, very helpful and professional, all opening hours, take almost any form of payment. (all boxes ticked) See independent review here…

Best Private Shuttle Service 4-8 Persons -Say Shuttle Service (
Once again these guys tick all of the boxes as far as the examined criteria. I was really amazed when they told me it was only 69Euro for a private van of up to 8 people. that is really cheap compared to its competitors.


Alternative Services: There is also another shuttle service that my suit your need however I did not review them as they are very different from the traditional shuttle. They are VEA shuttle service in paris. this is basically a big bus that has a time table to stop as specific hotels and locations to and from the airports or disneyland. it covers the inner and outer suburbs of paris and is very cheap however it may or may not suit your timetable or drop off locations..

I hope this has been helpfull and please let us know you thougth and or expeirences…

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    I’ve placed an order with this company for a round trip (Charles de Gaulle – Paris City – Charles de Gaulle), and at the moment I was waiting for my flight to Paris, I saw that the plane was delayed (about 40/45 minutes) and I called the company to alert them. They told me that they couldn’t wait another 45 minutes for my flight and that they would refund me the first trip of the service.

    The plane left with a delay of 35 minutes and arrived 10 minutes after the pickup time established in first place.

    I then call the service again, I couldn’t believe that in a service like this, where we provide the flight number, they didn’t check the flight status in order to guarantee a better service quality, I was rudely contested, and I asked for a total refund on the order, which I was told it would be made.

    Until now, no refund has been made, there are no answers for my email, nothing!!


    • thanks for you input jose, i have had a few people tell me lately that they have had bad experiences with them as well, if it continues i might have to change my choice of shuttle for this category. this is the biggest problem that we have found with shuttles in paris is that they can be very rude and that it never their fault. this is why we recently been sticking with super star shuttles. they have always had great customer service and been prompt.

  2. thank you for that information.
    so you didn’t hear back from Paris Airport Shuttle?
    we are in the process of trying to decide how to get into town and just learned that there are no escalators or elevators at the Metro stations. i won’t be in any mood or condition to lug my maximum-size-and-weight suitcase up 60 stairs.

    • its about 60 euro for a taxi or a private shuttle with super star shuttles is 55euro.
      it really does suck having to lug you luggage onto the train because even when you get to garde nord there are alot more steps.
      the other option is the take the rossie bus which takes you to opera in about an hour i think and costs about 11euro. we love this options as its cheap and safe.

  3. Hello Greg:
    I already booked Blue Van, but there are 3 of us…do you think it is a better choice to take a taxi. My Mother is 83, so lugging luggage is not an option. Thank you/Merci Michelle

  4. Notice you got no reply from FIRST SHUTTLE
    I booked First Shuttle for a party of 11 people including 5 children going to Disney. Paid my deposit, got my confirmation etc.
    NO one at the airport when we arrived. Waited 30 minutes then rang the number they had given us. It went to an answerng machine. Tried three times over next 30 minutes. Eventually someone answered. The person did not speak English but fortunately one of our party spoke good French. The person said he knew nothing about a booking but he would call someone! Aye right! We ended up taking taxis which cost us twice as much as the shuttle. Emailed them when I came home – surprise surprise – no response!!!

  5. Fellow voyagers, I have used BlueVan for many years.
    Travelling from Australia, my planes are invariably late. I just let them know.
    Last year my friends case went missing and we were over an hour late and miles from the gate we were tobe picked up. No worries, I rang and theyorganised a pickup from a gate near me.
    Another point. I pay American Express. There is an amex box on their website

  6. Do not book with Super Shuttle. When I landed, I discovered the driver was already gone. I tried to call Super Shuttle and sent them 4 messages and I never got reply. I had to take a taxi. But, even though they left us at the airport, they have charged us the full service. NEVER BOOK WITH SUPER SHUTTLE, IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!!


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