Archie Sitting Pretty Trick At The Sacré Coeur

After the success and positive feedback we received from Archie’s Last Video (Pirouette at the Moulin Rouge) we have decided to continue showing off his tricks. This trick was one of the hardest for him to learn as it took a while to increase his balancing ability. In this particular video we are standing on the northern side of Montmartre with the Sacre Coeur Basilica as our backdrop.

With the completion of his second video Archie is looking forward to seeing more of Paris in his next video in the series. He has at least 6 more pretty cool tricks to show off such as Bang Play Dead, Balancing things on his head and more. During this time we will also be teaching him more new tricks so stay tunes to see what’s next.

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  1. I’m shocked! I would have thought Archie would have been mugged by the Nigerian scammers that camp Sacre Coeur…

    I’ve visited Paris a few times now and as much as it’s a beautiful city, the amount of con artists/scammers makes me not want to come back. I was aggressively pursued at Sacre Coeur by a group of black men trying to ‘give’ my wife and I friendship bracelets, even though we knew the scam and politely refused.

    Cute dog though! 😉

    • yeah i completely understand, its something that really can put people off paris. when going to the sacre coeur we always come from the north side of monmarte to avoid this particular type of scam. you are lucky you were not pick pocketed. really sorry you had this experience and Archie says hi 🙂


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